How to sell


Sell your wedding dress in few click.
You just need good pictures and a description of it


The buyer will contact you through the website.
Chat together to provide the buyer all the needed info and set a meeting to try on the wedding dress.
If it is love at first sight, the buyer will pay you directly and the deal is done!  


Three great advantages:
1. You make money that will help you make a dream come true
2. You met a new possible friend
3. You contribute to make the world greener by helping reduce pollution and water waste



How can I sell with

Sign up for a FREE account on the website.  Once registered, log in and then click the SELL YOUR DRESS button.  Fill in the form with your information and pictures.  Once approved by our team (we check that there are no offensive words and pictures in the listing) your wedding dress/accessory will be on sale on the website and you will receive an email confirming the listing (listing that never expires unless you decide to withdraw).

Fill in the form with as much information as you have about your wedding dress, add photos and preview your listing to make sure it looks right.  The more details you add, the higher the chance that your dress will be sold quickly              

If you have any trouble listing your dress, please contact us (

What items can I sell on

You can sell your WEDDING DRESS and all your WEDDING ACCESSORIES such as shoes, veil, gloves, headdress, wraps etc… Sell with LOVE and make another beautiful bride as happy as you were on that special day!

If you are a professional wedding dress designer, a retailer or a stockist, we are pleased to put on sale your NEW or SAMPLE wedding gowns and accessories. E-mail us here ( and we will contact you.

We do not allow dresses from known counterfeit websites to be listed for sale on

What is my wedding dress worth?

Your wedding dress could be worth up to 75% of its retail price.  We suggest you list your dress anywhere from 50% - 75% of its retail price depending on condition, age and if it has been dry cleaned.  If your dress is older than 2 years, start with an asking price of about 50%.

When does a listing expire?

Your listing will never expire.  If your item has been sold, please remember to remove it from the catalogue

Do I need to clean my wedding dress before I sell it?

Dry cleaning your wedding dress will help preserve it and make it look as stunning as it was when you first wore it.  Dresses that have been professionally cleaned get sold twice as fast as others. We strongly suggest dry cleaning before listing on

When will my dress appear on the website?

Every time an item is listed on, our team receives an e-mail with all the information and pictures uploaded by you in order to check that there are no offensive words or pictures. Once approved, you receive an email confirming that the dress is uploaded to the website!

What happens when my dress is sold?

Please remember to cancel your listing within two days from the moment your dress is sold.  As the sale does not take place on the platform but directly between you and the buyer you are responsible for deleting items that are no longer available for sale.  Please log into your account and delete your wedding gown offer in “ON SALE”.  Nobody can access the listing anymore.  In general, all wedding dress listings will expire 24 months after they have been posted, unless you delete them before then.

Am I allowed to edit my listing after it is posted online?

Yes, you can modify the text, photos and selling price for as many times as you like.  Just LOG IN in your account, go to “ON SALE PAGE” , click EDIT,  and then confirm.  You can remove your listing at any time.

Which pictures should I use for listing?

Professional photos from your wedding day are a great way to show off the beauty of your dress. Buying a wedding dress is an emotional transaction, and seeing a picture of you looking stunning is sure to catch someone’s attention.

The minimum that we recommend to include is as follows:

  1. A full-length shot — to show off the silhouette
  2. Close ups — focusing on detailing and fabric
  3. Be sure to include a clear picture of any unique feature and embellishment
    Clear, high-resolution pictures are very important as they show even more details.  However please bear in mind that you must be the copyright holder of the image.

Can I use the original pictures from designer’s websites (copyrights)?

We do not recommend the use of pictures from websites because they are subject to copyrights. You are responsible for the pictures you upload and you might get sued if you violate a copyright.
We are all beautiful on the day of our wedding but not all of us are “Victoria Secret’s Angels” so the dress will look different on us compared to the one used for the advertising image.  Better to publish your pictures in order that the bride-to-be gets a better feeling on how the dress looks like in real life.

How will buyers contact me?

Your dress will be listed anonymously; from our side we don’t publish any contact detail that you have given us when you signed up for your account.  A potential buyer will contact you through our messaging system on the platform ("contact seller").  The enquiry is forwarded to you via e-mail, as your e-mail address is linked account.  Once you receive the e-mail you can answer by e-mail or talk directly with the potential buyer depending on the information they have sent you. You may wish to speak on the phone or arrange a time to meet and ultimately sell your item. Be very clear while communicating with your buyer; agree on a price, method of payment, shipping terms, and who pays for the shipping costs.  Don’t forget to make sure that emails coming from are not marked as spam so that you will be immediately informed about  when a potential buyer tries to contact you.

Does help buyers negotiate or arrange payment and shipping? is a free online marketplace.  We do not offer any type of intermediary service between buyers and sellers.  Price, payment, and shipping negotiation are ultimately your decision. In general, we recommend that you meet with the seller in person to discuss details of the sale directly.  Also, you will be more confident in purchasing if you can inspect and try on the dress.

How do I arrange the sale with a buyer?

We recommend that you arrange a meeting at a time and place that is convenient to both of you. The buyer can inspect the dress closely in person or try the dress on as well as pay in cash.  Shipping costs can be reduced or eliminated.  If you receive a message that looks strange to you, of course you are not obliged to respond.

There are two ways to finalize a sale on Marry a Dress:


Set a meeting in person with the buyer.  Before meeting the buyer inform her on how you would like to get paid during your meeting (cash or PayPal or any other means), show the buyer the dress, let her try it on and get paid. 


If you are not keen on meeting the buyer or simply live far away, set the final price and sell the wedding dress directly on line.  Accept only payment coming from secure payment methods, such as PayPal or Escrow.

Getting paid by Paypal or Escrow means that your payment will arrive safely and securely, before your item is shipped.

Here are some simple rules to be followed for a “safe” sale:

  1. Agree with the buyer on all terms of sale, including who pays shipping.  If the buyer will pay shipping, add the cost to your sale price.
  2. Decide on a payment method (we recommend only PayPal or
  3. Ship your item using your own shipping materials.  (Be sure to require a signature on delivery and insure the package for the full selling price).

Why should I use an escrow service and how does it work?

We recommend you to use an escrow service for high-priced dresses, which are sent by mail. This service is normally provided for any amount, but usually we do recommend it for dresses worth €/$/£ 500 or above.  The escrow service is acting as an intermediary, creating a secure transaction for both buyer and seller. It protects the seller giving her the certainty that the money is deposited before sending the dress and the buyer is assured that he will receive and be able to check the dress before authorizing the payment to the seller.  The service reduces the risks of fraud for buying or selling on the Internet, for companies and private parties.  We can recommend the following companies for these transactions:
Be careful, there are fake escrow services in the internet, what we suggest is as follows

Why does recommend face to face sales?

Selling in person helps you avoid many costs (shipping) and bureaucracy.
If possible try to arrange a meeting for the buyer to inspect and try on the dress, discuss finances.  It is wise for the seller to point out any mark or defect to avoid the buyer coming back after the purchase.

Do I have to let the buyer try on the wedding dress?

It is completely up to you, but we strongly suggest you let the buyer try on the wedding dress.  It gives you additional chance to sell your wedding dress as buying a wedding dress is an emotional as well as financial decision.  It will make it easier for a woman (who has never met you) to buy it from you if she has the possibility to try it on.  If you do not feel comfortable meeting a buyer in person, just explain this when contacted.  Some buyers prefer to have the chance to try on the dress and some prefer to purchase online.

Do I need to offer a return policy?

As with most second hand sales, typically there are no refunds.  This is particularly true for wedding dresses, as a buyer will just wear it once.

What percentage of wedding dresses sell?

Most dresses that are priced competitively (at least 50% off retail) sell within few weeks depending on lots of factors including designer, season, style, size, etc.  The process can take anywhere from just a few days up to few months.  Set your selling price competitively, take good photos, and have the dress professionally cleaned and your dress will have a higher likelihood of being sold quickly.

Will I need to answer questions from buyers?

Yes, they will contact you through the messaging system to ask any additional info and set a meeting to sell the wedding dress.
Why should I sell my wedding dress with
Because you invested a considerable amount of money on your wedding dress and we love wedding dresses –so we both are committed to giving your wedding dress a second life.  We will attract buyers that wouldn't have otherwise considered buying a used gown.

Here some good reasons to SELL your beloved wedding dress:

  • Recover some 50-75% of the cost of your wedding dress/accessories
  • It is sad and such a pity to store it for life in a box under your bed, or in a freezing and humid basement, or worse yet taking up precious space in your closet.
  • Help another bride save and have the wedding of her dreams on a realistic budget and help her look just as gorgeous on her wedding day as you did on yours! 
  • Love our planet!  Recycling a wedding gown is good for Earth.
  • Did you buy more than one dress because you found another one that fit you better or because you got married again? 
  • Your daughter might like to buy her own dress – we give you the opportunity to make another girl happy. 
  • You found your mother’s or grandmother’s beautiful vintage dress? 
  • You can spend the extra money you made on anything you’re heart desires!

How do I remove my listing?

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Click the Remove button in your dashboard linked to the item you wish to delete and confirm.
    Deleting an item will remove it the website immediately, this action cannot be undone.  Your final sale details and feedback will be displayed under our section to help encouraging future sellers.



Few tips to maximize your chances:

  1. Use great top images
  2. Include a detailed description (if you are Italian please write the description in both Italian and English)
  3. Set a reasonable selling price and specify if it is negotiable or not
  4. Share the link of your listing on your social media pages tagging friends you believe could be interested or that can help you sharing



We only recommend PayPal and for transaction.  These methods are safe, secure and offer protection for both the buyer and the seller.

What's the safest way to get paid?


IN PERSON: If you are selling to a local buyer, they can inspect the dress and you can ask to be paid in cash.

PAYPAL: simply finalize the deal with your buyer, communicate her your PayPal account and get paid quickly and safely.

ESCROW: go to and sign up to proceed with escrow payment.  Follow the instructions, it is easy.
Whichever payment method you use, never release the dress until full amount has been credited to your account.

How are sellers protected during a transaction?

Use a safe payment method (we recommend PayPal or and funds will be transferred to you without any problem. 

How can I tell if my inquiry is authentic?

The fastest way to tell if a buyer is sincere is to look at her payment method.  If she's not willing to use a protected payment method (PayPal or there may be an issue.