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New, sample or pre-owned, it is your dream wedding dress!
Have a look at the catalogue, buy safely directly from women like you and save money .


Chat with the seller and set a meeting to see the wedding dress.
Try it on and if is love at first sight, pay it directly to the seller.



Three great advantages:
1. You bought your wedding dress at a fraction of the price
2. You met a new possible friend
3. With the money saved you can make a little dream come true




How can I buy on

Brides like you sell all the wedding dresses and accessories available on
Browse the catalogue (you have many filters that can help you in your shopping experience), find the wedding dress you love, contact the seller, ask all the additional information you may need and finally get your dream wedding dress.

There are two ways to buy on


Find your dream wedding dress on
Contact the seller through our messaging system to ask her all the additional information you may need, set a meeting in person with the seller to inspect, try on and pay for your wedding dress.


If you like the wedding dress/accessories and you are fine with all the information provided by the seller, or just simply you live far away from the seller, set the final price and buy the wedding dress directly on line.  Pay it through PayPal or the secure payment system you prefer and receive your new dress directly at home. 

Shop safely with PayPal

How much does it cost to buy on

It is FREE!  Zero costs, NO commission and NO hidden costs!
The only cost you have to pay directly to the seller is the price of your wedding dress or accessories and eventually the delivery cost in case of online purchases.

How do I know that a used wedding dress will look how it says it will?

First, be sure to closely inspect all of the photos & the description provided.
Ask the seller questions to get all the information you need and, once you are satisfied, set a meeting with the seller.

Are the wedding dresses genuine?

Every single woman loves her wedding dress, so you must be sure that what she wore the day of her wedding was a beautiful and stunning dress.  Meeting the seller in person and trying on the dress, will give you 100% assurance that the dress is exactly what you are looking for.
Wedding dresses on sale are a BIG deal, what is “missing” is the mark-up you would pay if you bought it in a shop and the magic to have met another smart woman like you.

How do I contact a seller?

Click on the Contact Seller button on the product page, and complete the contact form.  The seller will receive your message and will reply to you directly in your email.

How do I find wedding dresses around me?

Use the filter provided in the shop page, and start looking for wedding dress in your city or close to you.  In this way you have the opportunity to try-before-you-buy.  To find wedding dresses for sale around you, you just have to go to the SHOP page and select your city or country.

Can I try the wedding dress on?

Definitely!  Ask the seller to meet in person to inspect the wedding dress and try it on.
Sellers know that it is important to see and fall in love with this “sentimental” item, so as they are interested in selling their wedding dress, normally they are keen and confident on an “IN PERSON” meeting. 

Can I alter the dress?

New or used, it is totally normal and expected for a gown to need alterations to make it fit just right!  To save time and be more relaxed, be sure to have your trusted seamstress with you when trying on the dress, so that you will know straightaway what needs to be done.

Tips for Alterations:

  • The waist is generally easy to take in.
  • Most dresses can be taken in 1-3 sizes and let out 1 size (depends on seam allowances).
  • Bust & waist are usually altered for best fit.
  • Length is very important.
    It's very difficult to extend the length, unless there is extra fabric tucked down.

Do I need to clean a used wedding dress or is it already professionally cleaned?

In the description sheet it is indicated whether the dress has been already professionally cleaned or not.  Most of the wedding dresses are professionally cleaned.  If they are not, the pricing and description generally reflects that.

How much should I pay?

It depends on the wedding dress/accessories you are buying.  If it is a new item, the price will be higher, but for a pre-owned or sample wedding dress the normal discount is from 30% up to 75% from the original retail price which is a BIG DEAL for a dress you are going to wear for 8-10 hours at maximum.
Prices are clearly marked on each listing but you can obviously negotiate with the seller to get a better price.  As with most second hand sales, typically there are no refunds.  This is particularly true for wedding dresses, as a buyer will only ever wear it once.  Every seller sets her individual return policy.  Please check the listing or inquire with the seller for details.

How can I purchase safely on line?

Pay with PayPal or Escrow and you will be FULLY protected (100% covered) if:

  • an item is not shipped
  • it is not authentic
  • it arrives and is not exactly as described in the seller’s listing



Use a secure payment method and your transaction will be FULLY protected. Based on your country, choose the secure payment option that is right for you. 

For SELLERS, it means your payment will arrive safely and securely, before your item is shipped.

Why should I use an escrow service and how does it work?

We recommend you to use an escrow service for high-priced dresses, which are sent by mail.  This service is normally provided for any amount, but usually we do recommend it for dresses worth €/$/£ 500 or above.  The escrow service is acting as an intermediary, creating a secure transaction for both buyer and seller.  It protects the seller giving her the certainty that the money is deposited before sending the dress and the buyer is assured that he will receive and be able to check the dress before authorizing the payment to the seller.  The service reduces the risks of fraud for buying or selling on the Internet, for companies and private parties.  We can recommend the following companies for these transactions:
Be careful, there are fake escrow services in the Internet, we suggest the following:

Who pays for shipping?

Normally shipping fees are the responsibility of the buyer and are paid in addition to the final sales price. Always ask the seller for a shipping quote, as they are the ones that will be mailing your dress.  Always use registered delivery agencies so that your dress can be tracked and insured.

Can I buy a gown from a seller in another country?

Absolutely! Just be mindful of the custom duties and taxes that might apply. How does it work?
As the buying/selling operation of previously owned items takes place between private parties, for intra- European transactions, or those occurring in areas where custom duties do not apply, for instance:

Europe:  If you are an Italian citizen and ship to a country within the European Union, custom duties and taxes do not apply.  If, instead, you ship to Switzerland, the United States or to any country outside the European Union, the buyer is responsible for paying said costs.

United States:  If you are American and ship to a state within the Union, there are no applicable custom duties and taxes.  If, instead, you ship to a foreign country, i.e. Switzerland, England or any other, the buyer is responsible to cover those costs.

Carriers such as UPS, FedEx, etc., ship internationally.  Make sure you understand the charges since additional costs are to be paid for by the buyer upon receiving the parcel.

Does help buyers negotiate or arrange payment and shipping? is a free online marketplace.  We do not offer any type of intermediary service between buyers and sellers.  Price, payment, and shipping negotiation are ultimately your decision.  In general, we recommend that you meet with the seller in person to discuss details of the sale directly.  Also, you will be more confident in purchasing if you can inspect and try on the dress.