“There is no girl who never dreamed of being Princess for one day, and there is no woman who doesn’t like shopping”


Marry a Dress is a free online marketplace dedicated to the magical world of wedding gowns. Both new and second-hand (if you can say that a wedding dress that has been worn for a few hours can be called “second hand”), sadly stored somewhere while growing old, can get new life and make another bride-to-be happy while granting one last present for you: the possibility to have some extra income to pamper yourself!

vendita abiti da sposa nuovi e usati

Here is how Marry a Dress does it:

“Stella got her fantastic wedding dress on sale, which is exactly the one Anna was looking for.
Anna finds it on marryadress.com, she gets in touch with Stella, they set up a meeting and in a matter of minutes the deal is done!”


Anna is super happy as thanks to Marry a Dress she managed to get the wedding dress of her dreams at a discounted price, so that she can upgrade to an overwater bungalow in French Polynesia for free!

Stella is euphoric because, thanks to the unexpected extra income, she can finally afford that romantic weekend escape in Venice, she and Mark have been talking about for a long time!

Ultimately, the World will be thankful because Stella and Anna, like-minded modern women, might become good friends but also, tens of liters of water have been saved and subsequent pollution has been averted by reusing an existing dress!

Marry a dress. Where does it come from?

Marry a Dress had been conceived on a beach, on a sunny summer day.
An article on the sharing economy is the initial spark but the idea had always been there, stuck in Francesca’s head:

“What to do with my wedding dress staring at me while occupying half of my wardrobe!?!
What to do with it after having loved it that much? Unfortunately nothing!”

Just a few months before she invested a significant amount of money to purchase the only dress that could have turned her into a real Queen, that very same dress that now won’t ever be able to satisfy her ever again!

EUREKA! Marry a Dress was born: The first and only made-in-Italy online marketplace for the bridal world! rich in style, fashion and trends!

What is our goal? Making sure your dreams come true

“Either you are looking for the wedding dress of your dreams at a reasonable and affordable price, or you are craving for a new handbag, a trip or maybe a violin class for your child, Marry a Dress is there for you!”

Forget about cheap wedding dresses, rent-a-gown or discount wedding dresses in the negative meaning of it. With Marry a Dress you can get your dream wedding dress at a real convenient price.

How do we do it?

Very simple! We created a new sales channel to bring a unique product from one woman’s hands directly to another’s. Marry a Dress will make sure you can ask as many questions as you wish about the wedding dress or the related accessory of your dreams to the very same person who loved it as much as you do. This will allow you to make sure that what you are eyeing is precisely what you are looking for, and will allow you to get it at a fraction of the price!

For you, who first fell in love with it, do not be sad. The memory of your wedding will stay forever in your memories, your wedding dress will make another bride-to-be happy, and you will also have the opportunity to make a little dream come true.

“Make the world a better, happier place with Marry a Dress. Contribute to make the world green again!”